Go Calc for iPhone

The iOS Calculator App Builder

Get your iPhone to work in your business

You create your own calculator apps right on your iPhone.
In minutes your business specific calculations become a breeze.

Great for sales.

Throw away your calculator. Put together a Go Calc calculator to work out profit, discounts, and more.

Use Go Calc when visiting potential customers to quickly work out a price - or see what your mark up will be!

Excellent for getting stuff done.

A custom Go Calc calculator can help you plan a wedding, cost a party and fit a kitchen.

If you carry out repetitive multi-step calculations then Go Calc can help you.


Create categories to store all your calculators.

Fast Answers

Combine variables and formulas to create calculators for fast answers to everyday business calculations.

Export and Import Calculators

Easily export your calculators and send to others in your business.

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